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Casting call for pilot episode shoot in April/May 2019


Production Title: SAY IT LOUD

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent

Project Length: 30 minute pilot episode

Production Company: blackSTORY films



Compensation: No

Application Materials: Headshot and Clip/Reel

Shooting Date: April/May 2019 (4 days)

Compensation: No

Apply: If interested, please email us with photo and any clips/reels you have with the subject line Say it Loud audition. We’ll send you sides to read. You can send us a video file of your audition.


Say It Loud is centered on a former teen-pop-star turned race scholar who struggles to distance herself from past fame. It's a Brooklyn-based, women-led dramedy that draws out the threads of friendship, race, culture, and societal pressure in the lives of four early-30-somethings including Jamilah (a former teen star), her former groupmates Candace (a housewife) and “Dawn-D” (a Nicki Minaj type who now struggles to stay in the music industry), and her best friend Glory, an advertising professional who struggles with having healthy relationships in light of her sordid family background.

More background:

It is a dialogue-driven series that relies heavily on the central characters who are both thoughtful and conflicted about the world around them.

It is important to note that the three of the characters are born to parents from the Caribbean islands, and one of the characters has West African roots. The pilot will have a distinctly Black-Brooklyn flair.


Jamila /Female/ 30-33/ Daughter of Jamaican immigrants.

Jamila is a thinker. She especially thinks a lot about the esteem of black culture and examines WEB DuBois’ the Souls of Black Folk as part of her dissertation. The fame of the past still haunts her as she’s reminded by people who recognize her from time to time. But Jamila wants nothing to do with her old identity. Although she walked away as the lead member of her former teen pop group, the fame haunts her.

Glory/ Female / 30-33 / Nigerian father/Af-Am mother

Glory works in the advertising media space. She’s frustrated by the dating arena and more especially frustrated by her sordid family drama. Not having known her father, the part of her that is Nigerian, she feels that she must compensate for this hole in her life. She met Jamila at Howard University and have been besties since.

Candace/ Female / 30-33

Also a former member of the teen pop group, Candace is now a happy housewife. As Jamila’s cousin, she feels more indebted to her than she does with Dawn who still harbors animosity over their breakup. She lives in the same building as Jamila (a property they both own) and she shares her unit with her husband and young child. She’s the peacekeeper in Jamila’s world.

Dawn/ Female / 30-33

Dawn is Jamila’s former groupmate and former best friend. When Jamila walked out on the group when they were 18, it crushed Dawn and broke their friendship. Since then, Dawn has been trying to pursue a solo rap career, having had minor success on guest appearances and one-off projects in Europe.


Harold is obsessed with capitalizing on music talents of his daughter and niece. Black Diamond marked the pinnacle of his career. Now he manages small Reggae tour groups. He still wants Jamila to reconsider music despite her expressed discomfort and pleas for him to cease and desist. Much of his motivation is pinned on his own faded dreams of a musical career.

Wesley/ Male / 30s / African-American

Murrell/Male/ 50s/ African-American

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